Parent Recommendations


" I cannot recommend my daughter's piano studio highly enough. At 14, she has been with them for 4 years now (5? not sure. A while.) and Adrienne has taken her from a lover of music, in general, to a true student of the craft. 


Klassical Kids Music studio are two sisters that are both Longy graduates. They put their whole selves and lives into their kids. They run two camps each summer, one for older kids (Chamber Institute) and one for younger kids. My daughter will actually student teach/CIT the younger kids for the second time this summer. And she loves it.


In addition to amazing caring personalized instruction, and 2 professional level recitals a year at Longy, the thing that I believe places this studio over the top for a pianist is the opportunity to play WITH others. Each student has an individual lesson each week, but they are also required to be part of an ensemble of pianos, violins, violas and harp. (Older kids play in smaller groups, duets, trios, this year quartets, and learn more advanced pieces.) For a pianist, which is typically an individual undertaking until they are, perhaps, as a very accomplished musician, part of a band or symphony or jazz suite, to learn to play as part of a group is a whole separate and vital musical (and life) lesson in itself. And I know of nowhere else that young children can begin their musical education with this component as an integral part of the learning.


Plus both Adrienne and Lydia are amazing. You can't do better--we've tried."


Julie Lucey, Maddy's mom. KK Parent since Fall 2011























"We have had music lessons with Adrienne and Lydia Bassett for about four years, and are great fans of theirs.  


They are sisters who studied at Longy; between them, they teach piano, violin, viola, and harp.  


They are both amazing teachers—fun, inventive, insightful about kids and music both.  They have been so patient with my daughter’s ups and downs, and she has thrived learning music (piano first, now violin) with them. 


They pay equal attention to building character, patience, stamina, discipline, good work habits….  she has thrived as a person.


In addition to being superlative teachers, they have all their students participate in ensembles.  The big ensemble my daughter was first in, and the chamber ensemble she now plays with (a pianist and a viola)  have proved to be an unexpectedly wonderful experience and an essential part of her learning: about music, about collaboration, about listening, about other instruments,about different kinds of pieces….  


They work with kids ages 3 or so (teensy little violin!) to teens.  They also run very creative and fun music camps in the summers.


I can’t recommend them highly enough!"


Jane Conner, Annie's Mom, KK Parent since Fall 2010



Maddy as CIT helping Greta Belle with her note naming.

        KK Kamp Summer 2014

      Annie, Mia, Camille.

  Klassical Kidz Kamp 2013


"Our son Jaemin had a wonderful time at the Chamber Music Institute at the Bernstein School of Artistry and Virtuosity.  Modeled after the slightly more famous school, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, this camp is jam-packed with dueling, Quidditch, instrument practicing, and musical lectures.  Topped off with recovering doses of butterbeer and a grand performance finale, Jaemin says it's the best of his three camps this summer and can't wait for his invitation next year!"



Eunice Park, Jaemin's and Soomin's mom.  KK Parent since Fall 2013 

Jaemin age 9, at CMI 2015