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Parent Recommendations

 I have had two children learn to play violin with Klassical Kidz, one of which is going on her tenth year.

Klassical Kidz is unique in that it provides a whole musical community to it’s students.


From camps to performances to music history lessons, students of Ms. Lydia and Ms. Adrienne learn to be well rounded musicians.

Lessons are individualized and teaching is done through creative techniques with a focus on engaging the unique interests of each child.


I highly recommend this program to any family interested in having their child pursue an instrument.

Rona Sandberg, Klassical Kidz Parent since 2013


 Rona's daughter at her first violin lesson in 2012.

Klassical Kidz has been a core part of my son’s experience of growing up. He started in second grade and is now in high school.


The private lessons are excellent, but the really special thing is the  community that grows out of the kids playing together in ensemble and then in chamber.

I think it’s helped keep my son engaged and connected during a challenging few years.

Building a foundation of music theory in their students is important to Miss Lydia and Miss Adrienne, but so is building a foundation of friendship! 

Kate Leary, Klassical Kidz parent since 2015


Kate's son rehearsing (piano) at this years CMI!

We feel fortunate to be part of the Klassical Kidz community!


We are truly amazed to watch our child grow confident in playing a variety of pieces on the piano over the past six years. Both Lydia and Adrienne are very talented and committed teachers.


Not only do they focus on the individual performance but also on supporting and performing together as a team, thereby fostering a strong team spirit.

Vinney George, Klassical Kidz parent since 2016

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